Office Space Plans and Before Pictures

My husband and I live in a small apartment. It is perfect for us and we love it, but we have to be smart about the space we have to make it work best for us.

Our second bedroom is a space that could be working better. It serves a lot purposes but none really well. It's our guest bedroom when people stay over, home office, Peggy's crate room, craft space, and extra seating. So this is an office makeover but more of just an ‘office zone’ makeover. Here is the current space:

Peggy's crate is definitely an obstacle to overcome because it takes up a lot of space so I am working on making it an asset. More to come on that in another post.

Here are the inspiration pictures for the space:

Source Unknown

Source Unknown

The design and finished project to follow, but so far I like where we are headed. We have some work to do, but I am looking forward to the payoff and I look forward to each of us having a work space.