Where to Use E-Design

I have talked about What is E-Design in the past, and if you missed it you can find that post here. This week I wanted to get a little more specific about how and where it can be used. Maybe you’re considering it or maybe you are just curious, either way there are so many fun opportunities.

The possibilities for E-Design are truly endless. I think that is my favorite part of transitioning to design in this way. There are no limits to who can use a service like this or how they use it, which makes design a lot more accessible to everyone.


Here are a few ways to utilize E-Design services that aren't the traditional full room transformations:

1. Zones. Maybe you have a zone in your home that you struggle with or a section of your home that you don't know how to utilize. An entry, desk nook, linen closet or drop zone are all underutilized spaces in design and organization you may need help with. So get it! Use these spaces in your home to the best of their ability and use E-Design as a tool to help get you there.

2. Styling. Do you have built in's or mantels you don't know what to do with? Maybe you have a buffet in your dining room that you know could be beautiful but just isn't just yet. Try turning to E-Design. A shopping list of decor items can be just as helpful as a shopping list for furniture. Plus all of my E-Designs come with a rendering. This is the perfect guide to see how to use any new pieces you purchase mixed with current pieces you own to get the look you are going for step by step. This can also be helpful with holiday decor.

3. Wall Decor. Do you have a blank wall that is stumping you? Use E-Design and get the step by step template you need to pull that all together. We can work with pieces you may already have, purchase all new frames and art, or a mix of two to give the perfect statement wall. Gallery walls can be tough to lay out so do it with E-Design.

4. Problem Area. Designing yourself can come with some challenges of its own. A lot of times homeowners get 90% done while avoiding the areas of the space they don’t know what to do with. E-Design doesn’t have to be a full room that needs help. Maybe you don’t know how to cross just the finish line of your room design and need guidance for little things. E-Design is there to help with projects big or small.

5. EVERYWHERE. The possibilities are endless for E-Design and thats why I am becoming so passionate about it. Big or small, easy or hard, we can answer all your personal design questions and solve any issues together.

E-Design is all about teaming up with a designer for help where you need it. There is no place too small or question too silly when it comes to E-Design. It’s your home, and it should be exactly what you want, E-Design is a great tool to utilize to make that your reality.

Any further questions? Please leave them below and I’ll get back to you!