A Letter to My Future (CEO) Self

Dear Future CEO,

I promise to start becoming you today.  I promise to show up day after day, hour after hour, knowing I will one day be living our dream.  I promise to trust in the process and know that every little step I take now is an inch closer to being you. I promise to say 'yes' to all of it.  

You are CEO and owner of the business I am starting today.  You own this.  You have met all the people I only idolize and made friends I haven’t dreamt of yet.  You have created beautiful spaces, worked with the best of the best and inspired those around you with each passing project.  You have put yourself out there creatively, personally, in business and in life and it’s paid off tenfold.  You have been to conferences, interviewed with podcasts, done press, and grown what I am about to create into a successful brand.  You have said yes every time and showed up for us in ways I can’t even yet imagine.  You are a better version of me, and you are who I am now starting to become.  You figured it all out.  Every fear of the unknown I am grappling with you have already overcome.  You have powered through and have created something beautiful because you continued to show up.

I want to thank you for being braver than we’ve been this far.  For showing up when quitting seemed so simple and for taking risks I haven’t even thought of yet.  I am now working hard and running full force towards you, don’t wait up, we have mountains to climb. 


Me today, August 25, 2018.