A Creative Storage Solution

Our apartment lacks storage.  Especially after a wedding, we seem to have more clutter than space at this time of our lives.  It’s been a problem that I am aggressively tackling and it started with my accessories.


My accessories were very much lacking a storage solution.  My statement jewelry pieces and scarves used to live in a large box high above my hanging clothes.  It was unorganized, cluttered and meant that I wasn’t using any of these accessories on a daily basis. It got too hard in the mornings to find what I was looking for and it wasn't worth the hassle.  I wanted to find a way for everything to be visible and neat but wasn't finding any solutions that fit this need in jewelry organizers for a reasonable cost.  


I purchased a wall mounted mug storage unit from Amazon for less than $20.00 to solve this problem.  Once hung on the wall in my closet, it gave me a place to corral all my accessories in an orderly fashion and it means I can see everything at a glance.  It makes using accessories like these more accessible while also freeing up shelf space.  


This was the perfect solution to my problem and it got me thinking about what other creative solutions I could use for other problem areas.