DIY Wall Hang on a Budget

When planning for a budget friendly upgrade, art tends to be overlooked.  It can be expensive and complicated, as well as hard to find and size.  All things that make it impractical for a quick and easy upgrade. 

All that being said, small scale DIY’s can be a great way to make a big impact without a lot of commitment.  You also don't have to be a world-class artist to get creative.  


In our bedroom, the ceilings are almost 14 feet high, which leaves our walls very large, white and blank.  I wanted to create something for over our headboard that would fill in some of that blank space with color and texture.



I used a mixture of black and cognac yarn from the $1.00 bin of AC Moore to get the texture and bold colors I wanted while keeping a tight budget.  I used a wooden dowels, as the frame and hung 3 foot strips of the yarn folded in half on the dowel in an old friendship bracelet knot, shown below. 

Once I liked the density of the wall hang, I trimmed the bottom into a straight edge to make it look more purposeful and polished which finished the piece perfectly. 

I love the impact this $4.00 project makes in our space.  It was just the touch of color and texture that we needed to break up such a large scale wall.