3 Free Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home Decor

I recently wrapped up a really unique e-design project with a client looking for holiday ideas but with tough restrictions. She recently moved overseas and needed to make what she had go as far as it could. She couldn’t add anything to her holiday collection this year so we pushed the Christmas decor she had in new directions and came up with some fun and simple DIY’s that could fill in the blanks.

If you need some fresh ideas this holiday season, or if you just want to save a little this time of year by using what you have to decorate, these ideas are perfect for you!



I can’t be the only one that has bulk amounts of holiday bulb ornaments. These Christmas balls come in every shape, size, color and glitter imaginable. This year take those excess ones on the back of your tree or still in their storage boxes and put them in an everyday dish. A wooden salad bowl, a glass vase, or a clear pitcher would all be great ways to display a little holiday spirit in a new way. These could be displayed on your dining table or styled into open shelving, the possibilities are endless, and cost you nothing extra.



If you have excess ribbon from the tree, wreath or gifts to play with, try and get creative with how you can put these scraps to new use.

Wrap a cabinet door, wrap the mirror on your mantle or put a bow on that storage basket that lives next to your sofa. This is a great way to add a little holiday spirit to an area of your home that is usually neglected from holiday decor.

Paper trees:

The sweet client that inspired this whole idea personally had mostly large ticket items. She had a holiday sign and a centerpiece nutcracker but she needed the bits that fill in around these bigger items to make a fuller impact, very relate-able problem. I sent her links like this to origami paper trees. These are really cute and can be customized to any size you would need. I suggested trying wrapping paper too to add in some fun color and pattern.

If you travel down the youtube rabbit hole, there are hundreds of ways to make paper trees! See what else you can find and cluster them together the way you would expensive metal decor pieces.

I hope these no budget ideas inspire you to think outside of the box this holiday season and mix up your decor.